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To Roast Coffee . . . First You Need a Roaster

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well, when money is plentiful than yes some things are easier than others. We, however, are bootstrapping this venture and don't have a lot of extra income to put into it. I scoured the internet, read through many forums, and did as much research as I could into what would be the best roaster for us to start out on. The general consensus seemed to be to get a roaster bigger than one would think, something to grow into and be able to roast lots of coffee without spending every waking hour 7 days a week roasting.

We identified a 5kg capacity machine (that translates into up to 5kg of coffee per batch). We searched and searched and a few used ones would come up and be taken quite quickly (apparently we found out afterwards that coffee roasting has greatly increased in popularity since Covid hit). Some of the more well known brands were well out of our budget. We came across a company selling roasters by the name of Dongyi on Alibaba. After much more research and communicating with them, we believed we found the right roaster for us at a very good price. Yada yada yada . . . something about if it's too good to be true . . . yada yada yada. Long story short, things went south with Dongyi which resulted in us losing most of our deposit. Without getting into the details, I will definitely recommend staying far away from Dongyi and Alibaba, but sometimes lessons need to be learned first hand and can be expensive.

We had put months into this deal with Dongyi and having the deal collapse left us months back of where we hoped to be in our business timeline, and without a roaster. To add salt on the wound, we had seen a lot of roasters come and go for sale that would've been perfect during this period.

Then one day, I logged onto Facebook Marketplace and the first ad I saw on there happened to be for a used 5kg Ozturk Roaster. Then came the fun part . . .

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